The Journey of following the Lord, EDTS

North1EDTS Lecture Phase
Commissioning service: our meeting with Him and receiving His word, we become bearers of glad tidings to a weary world.
Kingdom of God, who are privileged to be partners with God to transform na- tions. ing.
Let us rejoice! Christ is risen, He reigns in all the world!

North: 22 students, 7 staff members

South: 3 students, 8 staff members

Bellevue: 8 students, 5/7/2016

Outreach date: 5/8~5/22
North: Jordan, Thailand South: South Korea Bellevue: Taiwan Domestic : San Francisco
Life Story : Count Stars at Pneuma Springs 6 staff members

EDTS 20th Anniversary
Event : 6/4/2016

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