New Korea Study Program SMI

742NKSP is a new program that we are launching this year. You are the very first to be part of this amazing jour- ney.
It is a very significant time for the Korean peninsu-la. And through this program, we will seek after God’s heart for this special land, His heart for both North Korea and South Korea.
For many years now, we have been taking many people into the DPRK, young and old from all over the world. The Lord is placing an even bigger heart for us to start taking in waves and waves of young people into not only North Korea, but South Korea as well. Our heart is to flood this land with pray- er, worship and an abundance of His uncondi-tional love. God has stirred in our hearts to be united in both Koreas; to walk in humble obedience and in complete unity with one another.
We go to worship. And to worship has become just to simply LOVE the people.
We will travel all over the Korean Peninsula to share life and love.
We will begin the program with an orien- tation in Mon- roe, WA at the AIIM base.
This summer we will have the privilege to attend Father Atef Me- shreky’s conference in Asan, South Korea before we begin our Korea Peninsula travels.
After the conference in SK, we will travel to Beijing, Chi- na, where we will be for cou- ple days before traveling to the DPRK Our plan is to travel all throughout the DPRK.
We will go to Pyongyang, Nampo, Kaesong, Wonsan, and Keumkangsan.
We will spend the second half of our trip in South Korea, where we will also travel all throughout the country.

NKSP—Tentative Schedule
June 30: Registration – Monroe, WA (AIIM – Pneuma Springs)
July 1-5: Orientation
July 6:     Travel Day – Seattle – Seoul
July 7-10: Seoul, SK – Attend Father Atef’s Conferenece
July 11-13: Beijing, China
July 13-22: DPRK
July 23-31: South Korea
TOTAL TRIP COST: $4950 USD (This includes your lodging, food, and transportation for the entire program.)

Application – MAY 1
Security Deposit – MAY 20 ($1000.0 USD)
Remaining Balance – JUNE 30 (Registration)
If you would like to move forward with the application process, please
email janekchoi@gmail.com.

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