Tuesday Night Worship Meeting

Tuesday Night Praise and Worship

Everyone, including the local community, is welcome to join us on Tuesday Night Praise & Worship Meeting at 7:00 PM

We believe corporate worship is a powerful way to praise God, be in His presence and seek His heart. It unifies believers from different nations and denominations. And it’s a chance to slow down and spend an extended time reflecting back to God the glory He is worth.

YWAM – AIIM, PNEUMA SPRINGS hosts its Open Worship Night on the every of Tuesday night at 7:00 PM.  It’s open to everyone, youth groups, churches and anyone else in the community who wants to join.

Stick around afterwards for snacks, coffee and a chat at The Dining Hall Meeting Place and Café.

YWAM-AIIM Pneuma Springs
10211 Bollenbaugh Hill Rd.
Monroe, Washington 98272