Life Story : Count Stars at Pneuma Springs

It seems like my family and I arrived in America just a few days ago, but it has been already 5 years. It wasn’t so the 5 years has actually been a time of meaningful encounters. This is probably the biggest present I’ve re-manded my physical work but found the bed being the place to pray to God. This experience reminded me of the call – New Korea Study Program – SMI(Summer Mission Impact)

NKSP—Tentative Schedule “Throughout the 5 years, I kept doing some marches and sporadic pauses. In this very wilderness I discovered who I am.” easy to adjust to life here at Pneuma Springs. At least, NOT what I had imagined before joining this community here. I sometimes wondered whether my life was going in the right direction. My pas- sion for my God-given vision seemed to fade out and I be- gan to have questions about the direction of my ministry.

I served Eagle School of Biblical Studies and Youth Camp, led a Bible study group, helped in Jubilee School and various seminars and etc. etc.. I felt as if I’d done some things that are significant. Now that I’ve become quite comfortable being here, I still was not so sure whether I was on the right track, in terms of minis- try. So I felt drawn to look back on my last 5 years.

ceived here, meeting spiritual giants. David and Ellen Ross. Their mere presence is en- couraging and humbling. Oth- er spiritual fathers inspired us as they always sought God’s presence and presented us the paths for maturing of inner person. I was also privileged to meet missionaries who carried God’s presence even in the devastating challenges of their mission fields. It was also an honor to meet those who were breaking out of “eggs,” facing transitions and conflicts as immigrants, ardu- ously living in numerous prob- lems of life in a foreign land.

I learned much through these encounters. I even learned to live out the 66 books of the Bible while doing manual work, such as ham- mering down nails. I realized our service for the nations starts where our body is de- manded to work. Some days I threw my body to my bed, out of frustrations of strug- gling about things that deing of my Lord who called us to be peace-makers.

Throughout the 5 years, I kept doing some marches and sporadic pauses. In this very wilderness I discovered who I am. I’ve found that I am one of the Korean Diaspora who is called to be a fruit-bearer, not a judge. Whenever I seem to be lacking in ability to do something, I should receive healthy self-esteem from the above. I am supposed to forgive others and be forgiven by others. I am the one who should relay what I’ve learned from God to the next genera- tions.

I wonder whether my next journey will present me anoth- er opportunity to march for- ward or another pause. I think I should rather enjoy a bon fire tonight. To count the stars in the sky.

I hope it will be clear tonight.

written by Guhyung Lee / Translated by Uibang Hong

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