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YWAM-AIIM is committed to finishing the task of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to disciple the nations of the world.

We invite you to participate with us in making this happen. There are a wide variety of opportunities for you to find a caring community where together we can bring transformation to a suffering world.

We have weekly Praise and Bible teaching, as well as intercession for the nations. Our schools and seminars will help you prepare to serve God as He leads you. Together with you we can also serve the poor and needy in our neighborhoods and cities.

What is Pneuma Springs?

YWAM-AIIM Pneuma Springs is a missionary community of the Holy Spirit. As a community, we are an organism and not an institution. We seek to base our life together and our witness to the world on the selfless love that God revealed to the world in the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Our aim is to become a reflection of this love, giving to one another, including guests who come to us, unselfishly in love and service so that our ministries flow out of our communion.

Our hope is that the world will know that we are His disciples because of our love for Christ and for one another.

Please join us, as we prepare together for closure of Christ’s Great Commission Pneuma Springs exists solely for missions.

Pneuma Springs will be a place of Worship, a place of Intercession for the nations of the world and a place of training for cross-cultural missionaries.

Beginning of Pneuma Springs

In 1996 God blessed AIIM with a large 13-acre property in Monroe, Washington, just one hour from Seattle and Tacoma and a little over two hours from Vancouver, Canada.

After many years of prayer, Snohomish County granted AIIM a building permit to construct “Pneuma Springs in 2001, and we now are well on our way to seeing God once again provide “springs in the desert.

We of AIIM desire Pneuma Springs to become a place where God’s people can come to be refreshed by God’s Holy Spirit, empowered by that Spirit to be His witnesses, and trained to take His Gospel to the whole world.

Vision of Pneuma Springs

We believe that everyone who comes to Pneuma Springs – Springs of the Spirit – whether missionaries who need refreshment and renewal or Christians who need to meet the Lord for healing and empowerment, will be touched by the Spirit of God in a life-changing way All of AIIM’s schools will be housed in our new center – Discipleship Training School, New Korea Servant School, Jubilee School for Missionary Renewal, Mission Bible School, as well as Summer Missions Impact and other strategic programs.


Pneuma Springs will be a place of Worship on behalf of the nations of the world and with people from many nations – that the name of Jesus Christ may be exalted in this place.


Pneuma Springs will be a place of Intercession for the nations of the world, becausee believe that all mission begins and ends with prayer, and that God indeed answers the prayers of His people to transform nations. Our vision is that believers from churches hroughout the Pacific Northwest will come to join us in prayer for the salvation of the world. Our prayer room will always be open.


Pneuma Springs will be a place of training for cross-cultural missionaries, ecause the critical need of this age is for missionaries who are well trained in the Word of God and in communicating the Gospel intelligently and with power to peoples of all cultures.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to know God and make Him known to the world. In order to be faithful to our mission calling, we are committed to the following:

  • To challenge Christians to a deeper intimacy with God;
  • To train Christians to live in obedience to all that Christ has commanded us;
  • To mobilize, together with local churches, the Body of Christ to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the lost;
  • To minister to the lost and needy of our own local community;
  • To emphasize the 4/14 window of missions; that is, to begin to make a concentrated focus on mobilization and training of children and youth aged 4 to 14;
  • To focus on the ‘diaspora’ of all nations, not just Korean, for the purpose of raising them up as a great mission tool for world evangelization;
  • To serve and work for the freedom of Christians in oppressed and persecuted nations;
  • To encourage cross-cultural missionaries by serving, caring for and enabling them to be fruitful for the Lord;
  • To become a healing, reconciling community of God by worshiping and serving as a multi-cultural, multi-generational missionary force.
“After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!”    – Revelation 7:9-10

God's people are to be Holy as God, Humble as Jesus, and as hidden treasures by the Holy Spirit. These are the righteous that God is seeking in this generations...

Antioch Institute for International Ministries ( YWAM-AIIM)

AIIM is the fruit of a vision that God gave to David Ross in 1985 while teaching in the YWAM DTS in Taipei, Taiwan. God showed him the great potential of the Korean Diaspora – the 7 million Koreans living outside Korea among the nations of the world for world evangelization.

AIIM is a ministry of YWAM, and we began our first phase as “The Antioch Connection” in Los Angeles and New York, connecting many youth and
young adults, as well as churches, with the vision of the first cross-cultural church, the Church of Antioch in the Book of Acts. Now we have entered our permanent phase-The Antioch Institute for International Ministries – and we are located in the beautiful foothills of the Cascadian mountain range, in Monroe, Washington.

YWAM-AIIM, also known as YWAM Pneuma Springs (Springs of the Spirits) is not a Korean ministry. We draw deeply on our Korean heritage, with a love for the Word of God and a strong emphasis on prayer, a strong emphasis on the Holy Spirit and mission to the world. We are an international community of the Holy Spirit open to people of all races and nationalities, bonded together to make Christ known to the world.

What is AIIM?

AIIM is the Antioch Institude for International Ministries.

AIIM is a Ministry of Youth With A Mission International. We are a YWAM base. We operate as a YWAM base. At the same time we are unique, with special emphases, just as most YWAM bases are unique.

YWAM-AIIM’s reason for existence is for mission to the World.

Our motto is that of all YWAM bases: To Know God and Make Him known.

YWAM - Youth With A Mission

Youth With A Mission(YWAM) is an international and interdenominational missions organization. YWAM’s vision statement is “to Know God and make Him Known.

YWAM was founded in 1960 by Loren Cunningham and has grown into one of
the world’s largest mission organizations, with almost 20,000 long-term staff.
Many short-term volunteers join together with the long-term staff to minister in over 1,200 locations in 173 nations around the world.YWAM’s work is focused in three areas: training, evangelism and mercy ministries.

More information about YWAM’s ministry is available at www.ywam.org


It all started when a 20-year-old American college student, who was in the Bahamas on a worship tour, spent some time in prayer. As he leaned back in his bed and looked up, he saw what he called a “mental movie.” He saw waves on a map. The waves turned into young people, going to every continent, sharing the good news about Jesus. “Was that really you, Lord?” he asked.

This radical idea, that young people could be missionaries, stayed with this young man, Loren Cunningham. Four years later, in 1960, he started an organization with that idea expressed even in its name: Youth With A Mission.

Today, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) has grown into one of the world’s largest Christian mission organizations. The story of how YWAM began and how it grew is a story of God’s direction and God’s grace in using ordinary people from countries all over the world. In 1960, 24-year-old Loren Cunningham decided to do something to help young people get involved in mission work.

He decided to begin a new organization, called it Youth With A Mission, and opened his first office, in a bedroom at his parent’s house in California.

Today, Loren is one of the only people to have ministered in every country on earth. He and his wife Darlene still serve with YWAM from their home in Hawaii.  As members of YWAM’s Global Leadership Team, they help oversee one of the largest Christian charitable organizations in the world.

Works of YWAM

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) encompasses thousands of people and hundreds of ministries in almost every country of the world. In every case, our passion is : “To Know God and Make Him Known”

Three stands of ministry:

  1. Evangelism
  2. Mercy Ministry
  3. Training and Discipleship
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