We are a community centered around
Holy Spirit, Holy Bible, The Great Commission.


Pneuma Springs Discipleship Training School

Our school is designed to help students of all age groups and nationalities, grow in the true knowledge of God and experience Him through the Word and the Holy Spirit. Pneuma Springs DTS desires to embrace and love all generations and nationalities, so that we can equip students to witness what we have experience throughout the world.


New Korea Servant School

NKSS prepares students to minister together with people of the Korean Peninsula, both North and South, in proclaiming the Gospel to all nations. We believe God’s plans are not for destruction but rather for peace and hope for the future. 


144 Hours of Worship & Prayer

One hundred forty four hours of continuous worship as a gift to our Heavenly Father. We are offering praise and worship to the only one that is worthy of it all: King Jesus. Come join us to witness God’s miracles and breakthroughs as we embrace His Presence. 



Discipleship Training School

144 Hours of Worship & Prayer

New Korea Servant School

Summer Youth Camp